Professional Driver Services

Foundation of Robbie Gethin Associates


Robbie Gethin Associates was the original driver services team established in Great Britain by Robbie Gethin, and has been operating as a highly respected provider of professional driver teams during world class sporting and cultural events. RGA professional representatives’ immensity of skill is displayed with a welcoming and respectful attitude towards clients during operations.

Robbie Gethin Associates has been successfully delivering professional driver services for 30 years and has delivered over 2,500 operations successfully since it’s foundation. RGA looks forward to continuing to provide the best personnel to showcase new models from the world’s leading car manufacturers and has a valued relationship with professional driver team members representing the company.

The RGA team have superb in-depth UK professional driving experience with internationally recognised advanced qualifications which are gained within the professional driving services industry. We operate with good confidence and assurance of purpose. We communicate with our clients confidentially to enable them to have flexibility and security whilst being transported during professional driver contracts.

RGA Professional Driver Associates Ethos


Safety. Confidentiality. Communication. Discretion. Team work. Punctuality. Smooth drive.

RGA Team Members

Nicholas Gethin – Nick joined at ground level gaining experience as a driver and Supervisor, progressing on to becoming Managing Director of RGA. Prior to joining Nick enjoyed developing real world experience as a West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service firefighter as well as working as part of the Championship staging team for IMG Golf Division. Nick enjoyed one to one driver training with career racing driver Peter Gethin, within the Ferrari Club Fiorano whose team objective was to deliver advanced driver tuition on a variety of international race circuits throughout Europe.

Robbie Gethin – Founder and Original CEO of Robbie Gethin Associates. Robbie commenced her career 30 years ago with an apprenticeship with Volvo Cars UK during the infancy of fleet logistics at international events, and also on behalf of the European Tour throughout the professional golf season. Robbie established a team of drivers registering Robbie Gethin Associates for trading and travelled throughout Europe developing the process for logistics and client transfers. The company which was founded with a professional attitude towards business and attracts clients throughout the UK, Europe, Middle East, Asia, China and USA. Robbie is now a non-active Director in the company and lives in West Sussex, England.

RGA Supervisors

RGA Supervisors will include op room planning with dissemination of relevant and confidential information complement each other and include the highest calibre of personnel with in depth product knowledge and operational driver experience. International driver experience background for Supervisors pre-empt deployment overseas for relevant taskings.

Carolyn J Johnston – A highly personable and efficient event manager with significant experience, Carolyn has worked for RGA since 2005. Starting as an advanced driver and then progressing to Client Liaison dealing with all transportation requests. Carolyn plays an intergral role within RGA, from pre-event planning to delivery and completion on site, dealing with a multi-tasking environment with numerous and competing deadlines. Carolyn owns a strong client focus with an active eye for detail and commitment to continuous improvement and quality.

Colin Logan – Colin served as a Police Officer in Central Scotland before becoming a member of the RGA Team. He is a qualified Police Advanced Driving Instructor and has extensive experience of Driver training and assessment, including having worked for Western Australia Police as a Consultant. He also is an experienced Supervisor, having been responsible for critical incident management, and event planning for major events and operations. Colin uses his experience to supervise the RGA teams which are deployed at events, with a strong focus on maintaining high standards in relation to the overall service delivered to our clients. He sees close teamwork as being key to the successful delivery of a Courtesy Car Service and to maintaining the reputation which RGA has justifiably gained.

James S. Pryde QPM – Prior to joining RGA, Jim served as a Senior Police Officer in and around the Edinburgh area. Jim had overall command and responsibility for operational planning relative to major events, sporting venues, Royal visits and movement of VIPs and other high-risk activity involving road policing. The experience and knowledge gained has allowed Jim to transfer these skills over to RGA events where he has provided assistance in fleet management, route planning in conjunction with traffic management at events, and providing detailed briefings for drivers and other members of the RGA Team.  Jim has a ‘hands on’ attitude at events and provides a co-ordinating role between office supervisors and drivers, ensuring that the courtesy car service provided to clients and customers from all over the world is maintained to a very high standard.

Joe Mooney – Joe retired as a Sergeant from the Metropolitan Police in August 2016 after 31 years service involving a background in armed protection for politicians, counter-terrorist and crime scene specialist search, and response Policing. Joe is a trained Police driver and has been a member of the Institute of Advanced Drivers (I.A.M.) for 25 years. Since retiring he has worked as a chauffeur representing all the major car companies at high profile and red carpet events.

Karen Struthers – A highly experienced event manager and transport co-ordinator who has worked across a raft of different high profile sporting/corporate events and awards ceremonies.  Karen’s in depth and respected experience covers, The Open Championship, The Ryder Cup, The BMW PGA Championship, London Frieze Festival, The Spanish Open, Made In Denmark, Scandinavian Open and Singapore Open. Karen is extremely proficient and presentable and a valued member of the team.

Michael Hill – Before joining the team Michael was a Police Officer having completed 25 years service. During this time he acquired various skill sets including advanced driving and close protection training. Having worked with Royalty, Heads of State, VIP’s, sports personalities and celebrities, he has applied these skills over the past number of years while working for Robbie Gethin Associates and helped contribute to the professionalism of the company.

Paddy O’Connor – Prior to joining the RGA team as a valued operator Paddy worked at the highest levels in the UK Police Service for over 25 years with an exemplary record of achievement. Paddy is advanced driver trained with in depth operational experience assisting with delivering confidential VIP client movements and managing drivers on behalf of RGA.  Paddy – ‘I have proudly represented RGA at numerous events nationally and internationally over the past ten years, as a professional driver and as a trusted team leader. Our company focuses on providing a first class service without compromise.’